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Originally Posted by kenmb View Post
Can't comment on calfs, but a couple things regarding animals that i never seen before:
Cleaning up sloughs to burn off/work down cat tails and i see mole hills all around the edges, usually in the edge of the cat tails. Burrowing animals usually dig in higher ground. I guess the cover of the cat tails and the loose dry ground (no wet sloughs anywhere) are an attraction. So probably they are there more because of dryness allows it.

Other thing is a never seen a bald eagle around the farm in my life. Only north of La Ronge, sk. Saw one about 2 weeks ago in a tree. What the helll is that doing in this area. Two days later i saw 5 sitting in a field 300 yards from where i was working. Took a picture but pretty blurry but can see the white heads. Turns out they migrate. Very odd to suddenly notice them in this part of the world.

They seem to move around over time. Was never one seen in this area until around 15 years ago or so, now almost as common as hawks. I often wonder if different farming practices play a big role in the number of species and the seemingly new species in an area. A lot less tillage and safer chemicals has allowed ground nesting birds such as kill deer to really rise in numbers, less people killing animals just for a rug or feathers etc.

Wish I had a camera a few years ago while seeding, all sitting on one branch of a tree was a raven, a Bald Eagle, and an American Eagle! There was a lot of weight on that branch! Was funny to see them all together, thought they would have been fighting.

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