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Bubble up auger "tar" coated in sunflowers

Just got into the not in the flowers.

The bubble up auger on the combine is coated in a tar like substance to the point it is not able to keep up with the combine. These are oil sunflowers so likely there is oil from the sunflowers causing this.

There are no obstructions in the auger to create a press like environment to expel the oil from the seed. The last crop through was flax and the auger was cleaned out before sunflowers were started. The combine sat in the heated shop until it went out to work so no moisture got into it.

The combine is a TR96 so the tolerances are not exactly the same as they were the day it came out of the factory.

An uncleaned bushel weight test came back at 33lbs, not sure if that makes any difference or not. Moisture is 10.8.

I am not a sunflower rookie but not the most experienced sunflower guy on the planet. Anyone have any thoughts or experience with this issue? Pulling the auger every 20 acres does not excite me even a little bit so anything is appreciated.

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