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Currently I grind a mix of 3 year old hay that's hit and miss for quality, had lots of rain and was a fight to get into bales. Then a bale of grass/ditch/slough hay, then a bale of straw that has some alfalfa in it from a underserved field, then a good quality first cut hay bale.

So it's a mix of 4 bales, I do three sets of that on 2 different piles and it does me for about a week of feeding. But I do notice them pick the straw out, i think my shredder just isnt breaking the straw up enough which is why i was thinking of trying to put it through again, mainly to mix it better.

They clean everything in the feeder up pretty good. But when you look at the mess around the feeder it's mainly straw. That's where I was hoping that with the feed bunks there might be less "bulk" for them to pick through so they would be forced to eat it all?

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