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Originally Posted by Tin Man View Post
There are products out there to get the auger long enough to make it work, just not sure what the auger itself can stand for the added length. Be interesting for someone to try it and see.
What products are you referring to? I have not seen anything longer than 30" that was comercially available.

I would like 48" for my S67. I saw a post on Facebook where an older Gleaner was unloading into a Flagship Case combine. He may have had more than a 48" extension. He had rigged up a strap as a support. The strap was somewhat loose when the auger was folded in but was tight when it was folded out.

If I could combine something like that with a hydraulic or electric gate of some sort in the bin to clear the auger out so it was never folded or unfolded full of grain, I think I would be satisfied with the Gleaner auger.
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