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OK--- there are several things that need to be balanced here.
1) Snoots set too steep: you bend them under easily
2) Snoots set too flat: Height control won't work right and you can easily drive the head into the ground. Tips ride up over stalks easier (tipped up at tip), which means the head rides up out of the crop. Pick up way more rocks.
3) setting the head angle flatter or steeper will not necessarily make corn feed easier. Lots of variables--including ground speed. A flatter head may allow broken off stalks to feed up and in easier, but may also break stalks off more--which creates the dreaded stalk pile on the snoots!

Here is what Headsight recommends as a starting point. Obviously some special conditions may require modifying these settings.
1) Set your head to manufacturer recommended deck plate angle.
2) Set the snoot angle so you have at LEAST 3", preferably 4-6" under the skids at the gather chains when the tips touch the ground. More than 6" is not needed.

Going shallower on the DP angle may help in some down corn conditions. Reducing the 4-6" skid clearance should ONLY be done if the ears on STANDING plants are too low to enter the head. Usually setting the snoots flatter/skids lower will not help much in down corn. Reason--the slightly steeper angle actually lifts the stalks and raises the ears higher to get them in the head. Very occasionally with totally broken off plants running the head totally on the ground may be necessary. Note that AHHC will not work at that point, as there is no sensor travel left to send a raise signal to the combine, and you will likely drive the head into the ground (and bend snoots!) Our "Foresight" software code helps with this problem, but even it needs some movement to measure.

We've ridden with lots of head in lots of conditions, and know that you do what you have to get the crop. However, the above settings usually seem to perform best over the widest range of conditions.

One final note: The # 1 thing you can do to improve performance in down corn is NOT what you might expect! Its Row Guidance! Keeping the Deck plates/rolls centered on the base of the plants simply allows even severely down corn to flow properly into the head. We've had many-many customers tell us that after installing a Truesight system they were able to remove the down corn reel! I've ridden in corn nearly flat on the ground, where as long as the head stays right on the row, the plants just lift up and feed right in. Just a few inches off the row, and suddenly the plants start breaking off and piling up and.....

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