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Originally Posted by hondaman View Post
Are you guys still happy with your recirculating booms? Have any of you taken actual pressure readings at the first nozzle that is being fed and compared it to pressure at the last nozzle in the line. I would be curious how much pressure drop between nozzle 1 nozzle 32 while spraying 36 gal/min (this would be the flow for 10 gal/acre @ 15 mph.)
Have air shut offs been reliable or need much attention?
Completely happy. The only time I have seen a difference is when the nozzle screens become plugged, so now have eliminated those. There is boom filters and I have a Thompson water filter on the main line. I never installed pressure gauges but instead just collect water in a scaled cup(for X amount of time) and compare when doing a rinse, should be the same thing or better.

I replace the air shut-off diaphragms every year because usually some will fail in year 2 if I don't. Not a huge expense.

Now looking at the dates on this thread I may have still had my Patriot sprayer when this thread was started, but shortly after got a RG1100 with 120' Pommier boom. It has been the most reliable and best performing sprayer I have run to date, four seasons on it now. I would not be without a re-circulating boom ever again after seeing the benefits of having one.

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