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Originally Posted by Deadalus View Post
I can't imagine that the representatives from all the Manitoba Massey and Gleaner dealers will be in a very good mood at the show when the IDEAL (which they are not allowed to sell) is parked beside the older Massey and Gleaner combines in the Canada room, and they are forced to tell everyone that if they want to buy an IDEAL they have to go talk to the Lexion dealer in the other room.

I really thought that AGCO would have this mess sorted by now, but it seems like the only time that they are not shooting themselves in the foot is when they stop to reload.
Well boo hoo, the exhibit space in the Canada room where the Ideal will be displayed next to the "old" Massey and Gleaner combines just so happens to belong to AGCO. Whereas the exhibit space in the Manitoba room where the Claas combine and other various AGCO equipment is belongs to AG WEST. So no big surprise that AG WEST is gonna display the CLAAS combine that many of their customers use instead of a combine that has not even seen field time in the province...

Tell us Deadalus, where do you farm and what equipment do you run?

I will be glad to see the thing whatever room it's in. Maybe the close proximity to the other AGCO dealers and their equipment will serve as a good opportunity for them and certain customers to whine about how the machine is badged. .

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