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Just paid .7896 for dyed diesel for 1000 gal delivery. Dyed gas .8036/clear gas .9399 for delivery. I checked because gas in the pumps was down to .789, cheaper than bulk. But not to worry, bulk jumped to over 1.00 the next day for dyed gas. They are saying the low price is because of high levels of inventory at the refinery. So by having storage it is pretty easy to save 22 cents a liter when price is there. Bulk storage seems to be necessary. CO-OP used to have pricing in the winter for summer fuel when it came available in April and through the summer. What is the opinion on the difference between summer/winter diesel with the new synthetic fuel. There used to be 10-20% loss in power with lighter winter fuel. So even if you were buying 15 cent cheaper winter fuel, you just used that much more fuel. There does not seem to be the difference in diesel now?

In 1972 I hauled bulk fuel for the local ESSO agent. Dyed gas was .21cents a gallon, clear gas was .36c a gallon. The road tax therefore was .15 cents, or a 71% increase that actually went to building roads. Today that increase is only 17% and it is obviously not going to building or fixing roads. Why are we paying road tax on farm fuel??

Another comparison is in 1972 with 19 cent a gallon diesel, or 4.1 cents per liter, we were selling barley for a dollar or two a bushel. Today diesel is .79 cents or more and barley is 4-5.00. Takes a lot more barley to fill the tank!! Up to 8 times as much.

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