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Snap on box will be cheaper in the long run. I've had mine for 20 years and drawers still close like new. And it's seen hard use. CandIan tire tools and princess auto are good enough for most things. Imo. The specialty stuff get sk or snap on who ever is the closer or good tool dealer. I've good all different brands of air tools but I like CP and Ingrasol Rand they seem to last longer then snap on and still cheaper I think. As for cordless tool I'm in the process of switching over to milwalk have there big 1/2 inpact hardly ever use air one now. It wall take fairly rusted lug nuts off a tri axle trialer with no trouble. As for a work bench I have a 4x4 steel platell 1/2 thick heavy table with caster and big vise mounted on it that can be rolled wh ere you need it. Also has a angle iron drip rail all the way around it so if your working on oily stuff it just running into a pail that's hung on it. I also have benched along the wall but they just seem to collect junk. Run air lines to a few spots in the shop and put retractable hose reels up makes every thing neater. It never ends there always something that can makes a job easier. Ive been fixed stuff for 25 years and I'm still buying tools.

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