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I don't think any of the ag or off-road manufacturers are using extended-life coolant technology yet, from what I remember they are mostly still using conventional ethylene glycol antifreeze with various different additive packages for corrosion inhibitors. Whether you buy green concentrate, or purple pre-mixed, or John Deere-branded or CNH-branded coolant, chances are very good it's all the same technology, just different labels and possibly different colors. Your NTC and QSX should both have need-release filters installed, Fleetguard p/n WF2071 or WF4071 (one has two units of additive, the other has four). If you do a complete drain, flush, and re-fill with pre-charged conventional coolant, you should only have to spin on a WF2071, and use the strips once a year to maintain coolant pH and nitrite and/or borate levels (being the active corrosion inhibitors). I use an optical tester (refractometer) rather than squeeze bulb style tester for measuring freeze point, they aren't terribly expensive but they are infinitely more accurate.

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