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I am in the process of building a pole shed on screw piles. I can't tell you much yet because all that is done yet are the screw piles. As far as the screw piles are concerned I am extremely impressed. They are well below the frost level and anchored extremely well. I would not hesitate to choose this method again. I had wondered how they would square the building but they had it all figured out. They squared up and strung lines to know where to drill the screw piles in. They did as best they could to get them precise but due to ground conditions they were sometimes off by an inch or so. They then used a laser and cut off the tops of the screw piles at the proper height. Next they squared up and strung new lines that they used to position the brackets that they attach the poles to on top of the screw piles. The final step was to weld the brackets on. Everything should be as precise as possible. The building crew should be here within the next few weeks.
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