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Originally Posted by slim View Post
Do a search online about the studies that were done on air cart distribution, and that was done by a 3rd party. There system is about the same as concord used years ago, which wasn't bad for its time.
I owned a 7950 on a 66' drill and it wasn't perfect but not as bad as some of those studies suggest. There is one particular study that is pretty much bogus IMO, can't find it at the moment but it has been posted on this site before.

What I really don't like about the Bourgault delivery system is the archaic metering and the fact everything hits another manifold under the full blast of the fan. There is more grain damage and it is very inefficient when pushing high rates of product. I like the rest of the tank a lot though and have been thinking about all of the aftermarket metering bodies around that are made of stainless such as this:
I wonder if a guy could modify a BG tank or if they would sell one less the metering equipment. Main concern would be how is the thing unloaded? Probably not room for it to swing away under there like on a CNH tank, if I understand correctly the JD dumps through the bottom?

As to the original question if there is cereals involved then narrower rows will generally be better, canola not as important. Seems a fair number of Seedhawk on 12" and with BG if you are doing midrow then 10" is definitely better because of need to throw dirt over fert band. I would lean BG with some minor reservations, but clearly nothing is perfect and every year is's that for a non answer!

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