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Originally Posted by apm View Post
�� Anytime between UTC 20.00 throught to 14.00 and Iím in.
Looks like UTC 18.00 works best for most, unfortunately that looks to be about 2AM for you...not so fun. Might have to get a few more Aussies to join in. Potentially we could go earlier in the morning for North Americans like UTC 14.00 which would be 7AM for Brian and 10PM? for you. 3PM for Austrians... We'll see where this goes.
Originally Posted by Beerwiser View Post
As long as I don't have to wear a suit and tie I'm in.
LOL. I sure hope not, you could even mute your video of you don't want to be seen. As long as you're wearing clothes I think that's all that is needed.

Originally Posted by JAW896 View Post
Im interested. I wouldn't be able to contibute but like to listen and learn
I hear you I would like to learn too.

Originally Posted by BrianTee View Post
Free zoom has 100 participants max 40 min, not bad actually.
What time does ROS do their meetings at? I can ask kyler.
Yep, that's what I thought too. ROS Agriculture does their video meetings Tuesdays at UTC 02:00 so 7PM your time. Matt Droter hosts the meeting and they go for an hour. Somebody there is paying.

Originally Posted by Andreas Ortner View Post
Good idea! i did look into my survey - so the most users are from Europe and nord america. According to my picture a good time for all would be 11 am Alberta that would be 7-8 pm in Europe. or 1 pm >9-10 pm here...
Thanks Andreas, I was going to see if I could look back at that survey but you already have. I might just do a new Google survey for this meeting time.

Originally Posted by Andreas Ortner View Post
another far idea would be a meeting at your side.
i would like to go to holidays and maybe we can have a little program for 2-3 days - talking and visiting farms.
Everyone can make their own the rest of the week or two...
That would be pretty neat. We are quite spread out though my farm is about a 46 hour drive from Brian's town. I'm about in the middle of you and Brian.

So what day of the week would work best. Saturday? I think my next post will be a link to a google survey.

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