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Originally Posted by morb1lee View Post
Wonder if versatile is throwing as many darts at a dart board as possible? They have a smaller manufacturing place in Fargo that seems to always have random new pieces from versatile show up. Anything from self propelled sprayers, combines, grain carts... they’ll have anywhere from 1-4 of each item, like they are a small hub for shipping demo units.

The Fargo plant is their "test" plant of what I've figgured or their overflow plant.

Also it seems that all or most prototypes come out of there, with the best known one being Big Roy.(got to see it when it was new, before the public really knew about it)

My 825 was made there also. When I asked why in Fargo it was just a "well it was popular here and..." I think it was a idea to expand but the market went down so it never really took off.

As for throwing darts at everything, I mean why not? There hasn't really been anything terrible from them ever and their previous smaller tractors were popular, so if they have to make them for someone else, why not make them for yourself too?
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