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Had tracks for 10 yrs on my side by sides. Go anywhere. Can use in snow or very wet conditions to make life easier. They are high maintenance. Start counting the bearings. I think I replaced 16 6003 bearings and between 50-60 6205's on my last set. They add strain to your drive train and A arm bushings when turning big time. Put a blade up front and it turns a side x side into a little caterpillar. My 800 poo blew 2 front diffs pushing tree's off the snowmobile trail in 4 yrs. My 900XP hasn't blew one yet at 11,000 miles yet but haven't used it for pushing trees either. When you start pushing and lifting the blade, a sh!t pile of weight goes on to those front tracks and it will push like you cant imagine. That little diff has to give eventually. My first set of tracks I mounted a 100 gallon tank in the box and made a 40 ft boom for. Installed a 12 V pump and sprayed my unseeded acres the one yr. I did over 1000 acres that yr with round up and that rig. Not one rut in the field and weeds never went to seed. That yr we had rain like many have never, or will ever see. We would get an 1" every second day it seemed. Had 7" in less than 36 hrs. 4-5" rains more than once as well. That yr was a yr to remember. It started the yr before pulling combines out and it just never stopped being wet the next yr. Roads washed out here everywhere and the RM was beside itself trying to cope. On a field that is saturated, with a 100 gallon tank full, I likely sank 2" at the worst but on average 1/2" to 1". Never went around anything. Just straight back and forth through every pothole etc cat tails and all.
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