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Originally Posted by kevlar View Post
I would say he must have been on pretty shaky ground before the emissions did him in to lose it so quick. That new of truck he only had to make a hand full of payments in that amount of time.
Most truckers owe more money on there trucks then there worth. And how many truckers do you know that have 30-50k sitting around for engine work or power train work??? The only guys making any money with trucks own fleets of them.

No way would I try to buy a truck with 3/8in frame. Itís old school thinking that you need 46s to pull super B. I donít know one truck company that has broken a 40 rear end pulling grain trailers or hauling hay.

Super 40s gives you big crown and pinion gears without the weight and when is the last time you have heard of someone breaking a regular frame or cracking it?

Almost all the newer trucks are torque limited under 20-30km/hr so you donít wreck the driveline

A 2015 truck isnít new anymore and the emissions could possibly stop needing def fluid indefinitely if the right guy plugged his lap top in.
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