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Originally Posted by Trailerairsupply View Post
Purchased a new Freightliner 122sd with 600 horse Detroit DD16 about 6 months ago. Time is now where I need to decide to add on extended warranty
7-year Freightliner component warranty $7000CAD
5-year Detroit engine warranty
$5000 CAD
Total of $13,000 the warranty covers us up to 160,000 km(which will work out perfect.

It’s a good chunk of money to put up now, but is it worth it? Has anyone had any experience extending the warranty? Did you get your value or more out of it? Or did it end up still leaving you with massive repair bills and the “oh yah, sorry, but warranty won’t cover that” excuse. We just came from a Mack truck and every few months we were replacing $1200 sensors. And once in the shop they would find $3-4000 of other stuff that was wrong. Please help me with this choice lol. The warranty packages are so difficult to understand and so intentionally confusing that it seems like a trap. Thanks!
EXTENDED warranty only goes to 160,000KM?????? What is the regular warranty?.
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