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Originally Posted by Trailerairsupply View Post
I finally broke down and decided to extend the warranty, and no word of a lie as I was on the phone with the warranty dept giving my credit card number, the semi starting squealing warning sounds. Every engine light came on and “shutdown in process” on the dash. I’m not a religious man, but I think that was a sign from a higher power confirming my choice. Truck is now on route to repair shop 12,000km on a new truck and this will be the 4th time it’s been in for repairs. I’d bought a new truck to avoid the constant grief of a used one, and am having worse luck with this. Very disappointed. For every 10km on the road hauling, 1 of those kilometres is from bob tailing to dealership
Yikes! As I started reading that I thought to myself that since you bought it you would be trouble free now, but clearly not the case. Often get fertilizer delivered by a fleet that runs a lot of Mexiliners and it sounded to me like most of issues were related to emissions. Sounds like you got a lemon so far, hope that improves. Warranty is a small comfort when your machine is in the shop...

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