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Originally Posted by SWMan View Post
Yikes! As I started reading that I thought to myself that since you bought it you would be trouble free now, but clearly not the case. Often get fertilizer delivered by a fleet that runs a lot of Mexiliners and it sounded to me like most of issues were related to emissions. Sounds like you got a lemon so far, hope that improves. Warranty is a small comfort when your machine is in the shop...
Yah sure seems to be a lemon, I’d bought new because the payment on my used Mack plus the annual repair costs were the same yearly as a payment on a new truck. So I guess my biggest fear was paying the higher payment for a new truck, and then being caught paying massive repair bills again on top of it. It sucks that these trucks/tractors have such good engines and transmissions. But between electronics and def systems we have more grief than the tractors from the 70’s.

The stupidity of the def systems and limp modes/derates bothers me. Neighbour bought a new kenworth last year. At 20,000 km the engine went, before that 6 times towed to the dealer for def issues. He purchased the extended warranty at point of sale, but got so frustrated that he went and said he had to get it deleted so that it would run more than a day. And was told that he voided his extended warranty he just purchased for $15,000. Haha so I guess I’m not alone in the struggle

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