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The lines are 1/4" OD and 0.170"ID.
12" spacing and 33' wide. It isnt the thick frost like the larger lines and disappears in minutes when I stop (+4C).


You have the right lines for your toolbar and nicely balanced with 3 - 11 port manifolds. Yes, you may see a bit of frosting at times but shouldn’t be of much significance. At least that’s the case with my Raven. Unless Micro-trac is doing something different.

I would recommend going smaller than 1” on your 3 primary lines though. Especially if your doing variable rate NH3. Much quicker response time. Don’t be fooled because your rate controller shows you your increased or decreased rate quickly. It’s only showing you what it’s adding into your already fully charged lines. Your guages from your toolbar will tell the real story. With 11’ per section, id say even 3/4” are to big. 5/8” would be about right and would get you to about 110 lb at 6 mph. 1/2” would get you to about 85 - 90 at 6 mph.

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