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Precision air cart metering discrepancy

When calibrating my air cart, 2280 tow between mechanical drive, the displayed rate is never correct. Always shows lower than whats being applied. Hectares are correct, ground speed correct, machine width correct, sprocket teeth numbers are correct, sample weighed with a digital scale.

Cailbration proceedure...
Drive around so product settles
Set slides at 35
Prime meters
Go to cal in display
Set desired rate
Zero meter cal #
Turn on tanks
Push go
Crank meter
Weigh products
Enter product mass
Set slides accordingly
Go to field
Start seeding and see rate is 15ish kg/ha low
Keep seeding and see tank seems to be emptying quicker than i think. Say f it its gotta be close and empty tank only to see its over aplying.

Any suggestions as to why that would be. Its getting old setting rates based off acres per fill.

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