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Precision air cart metering discrepancy

Originally Posted by Haystack View Post
Since it is consistently applying heavy based on a small sample you could try this. Suppose it applies 9% too heavy as a rule, when you weigh your calibration sample, just multiply that sample weight by 109%, or 1.09. As an example 30 Lbs of sample would be considered as 32.7 Lbs when selecting your sprockets or entering it into your computer on many machines.

This will make the meter setting 9% slower. Many early air seeder designs have an engineered flaw in the calculation mathematics because they never ever wanted anyone to have to sow a small field twice because of an excessively light seed application, particularly on small seed rollers.
But i wont know how much its off till i run out of seed and i would have to not change the rate till that happens to know what % its off. Im loading seed straight out of the bin so not real easy to weigh it. its a 2009 cart so would that be considered early design? I would like to figure out whats wrong and correct it not just work around it.
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