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Originally Posted by Tooki57 View Post
Hello ,
After a few tries of my autosteer, I have a lot of trouble to reach good settings to follow the line. ca derive and corrects too late, or so it zigzag violently .... I have a steerpointzero very good, however, count by degree defined by steer wizard, very stable angle sensor, stable mma ... No hardware problem. But if anyone could give me a description of the method to use for PID setup and steer ... I would like to take a look at it from here, but my english is not good enough to understand everything orally. But if someone very nice could write such a description, I will have no difficulty in translating it into French. So please help me .

I am too starting to experiment with AOG autosteer settings. I used it to seed my wheat last week for the first time, first it was hard to get it straight I finnaly got some stable results. First like Brian said counts per degree is very important, a small change made some big difference, to adjust it I set my counts/degree to 1 then turn my wheel to exactly 15 degree, measured with a protractor, repeated for both sides. I then divided the displayed number by 15 to give me the counts/degree. After I increased my minimum PWM until the motor reacted to minor changes. Started with look Ahead and min Look Ahead around 2.5 each. I played with each variables one at a time first with major change to see the reaction and finally just minor changes. I have a 12 volts 300rpm gear motor, my final settings are look Ahead 2, min Look Ahead 2.5, Prop Gain 22, output gain 11, min PWM 29.

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