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Originally Posted by maver View Post
I have a JD 1910 air tank, 430 bu cart. The rear 200 bu tank will bridge on runs 1 and 6, the outside runs. It only does this with oats and barley, both treated and untreated.the agitator is set on high. Have changed rollers, no difference. Can't figure out why it happens. Static cling? (Poly tank). The bridging is random and my blockage monitor will not detect it because I still have fert going through the system, resulting in misses. There are hundreds of these tanks out there ,I'm sure someone has had this problem. Any help greatly appreciated.

Its a common problem especially with oats. We just cant seed our oats varieties with our 1910. And when I posted a question in my local cropping page most had the same problem. Of course the dealers will say your the only one!!!
Those that had success said the secret was to put through a Geraldton plumbing cleaner which is basically a large fan with the grain falling through the air blast and you have a movable cutoff plate to separate the light dust and heavier oats. Once you have them as dust free as possible chuck in handfuls of Talcum powder in the auger as you fill the tank. That is the only reliable way to seed our varieties. Yours may be different.
I'm currently have trouble with fungicide treated compound fertilizer. Keeps breaking the bolt on the agitator crank then the runs block.
Your probably asking why not get rid of it and buy another tank. Answer is I cant afford to park it in the bush and shell out the cash for another as they have zero trade in value with such a bad name around here.

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