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Originally Posted by Granite Smasher View Post
We also used to have the problem with the bridging and little skips and misses in our fields as the outside runs would not flow properly for the first 200 feet of every pass. I am not sure if it was another post on this forum a few years ago that solved it or if it was Terry D at Cervus Saskatoon who found the solution.
We needed to get more positive pressure in our tanks when working with oats and barley. We removed the pressurization hoses off those annoying manifolds by the tank meters and plumbed both sides directly into the side of the tanks. Run the hoses inside the tanks to just under the lids. When operating with oats barley and wheat we open the ball valves that control air from both top and bottom air streams so more air flows into the tank. We have not had a bridging problem since modifying the cart.
Also those annoying manifolds at the bottom that you are supposed to pull off and clean out every 50 hours we now just clean out at the end of the year. I don’t even know if we actually need to do that at all because they are capped off and not being used.
We have had this issue bad with certain barley varieties and I have always figured that it was not enough air presureizing the tank,just didn't know the correct way to fix it. Glad u posted this and will do the same on our drill.We always put seed in the front tank and out the top shoot,and the air preasure guage for front tank is never in the right position unless all the air is directed to the top shoot. Is there something online where this fix is explained even better with more pics?

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