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Originally Posted by OilandAg View Post
Sorry I miss read your last post. We’ve had a cracked head and we also had a crankshaft bearing go which caused a whole lot of problems and ended up having to do a complete rebuild. I am far from a diesel engine mechanic I don’t know all of the details however, it wasn’t even an in frame rebuild.

No worries, all these three letter abbreviated terms. I shudder at the idea of having to dole out for an engine rebuild or in your case having an engine pulled and redone or worst case the engine block is scrap metal. Hard to say what happened with that bearing but winter time and starting an engine with the wrong oil viscosity and also not plugged in for long enough or at all can compound that potential chance of turning a bearing is what I have heard and that is just bad all the way around.

Don, I think I just destroyed you're thread LOL, then again to hear of others and their engine horror stories may help you feel better ... not.
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