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Originally Posted by Jmay.david View Post
I've been having a test of StanLee. Very smooth. I think I've found a bug though? That, or there are settings I am completely missing.
StanLee working very smooth in 'steer axle ahead' config, but when you set up a vehicle for a 'steer axle behind' like a header, the correction doesn't kick in until the rear of the vehicle has reached the desired path, by which time, the front/implement is way off course. Is there a way that StanLee can 'lead from the front' even when the machine is rear axle steered?

Correct it does not work. I tried this a few days ago, and it doesn't work in pure pursuit either. You are also correct that the header will be considered the steering axle and then steering then would be set to turn the opposite way. I'm going to have to figure this one out - especially now there are 2 methods of guidance and several instances.

Edit: I've set it up so steer behind, antenna behind, rigid tool, tool ahead, hitch at 250cm. So just like a combine, but if your antenna is ahead of the drive pivot wheels, it should be ahead. Anyway all I had to do is set the steerangle setpoint times -1. I'll send an update on github this evening. It will work on Curve, AB Line, Contour - but only in pure pursuit. I'm going to have to figure out how to do this in StanLee. Maybe it can't be done, I hope it can.
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