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Ya they are a bit pricey but if you have an air seeder already like we did at the time it made sense...our 8810 has only the 350 pound trips and 7.8 space however our soils do not really ever get that hard. With 3/4 inch knives it cuts into anything we seed with no problem and it is nice on the stoney fields as with those light trips it justs skates over them quite nicely and very rarely ever pulls one. Thats probably why we also have had very little maintenace on them in all these years. They also seed well through trash even with the narrow spacing.

Betty has also been great to deal with for us. They can be a bit of an advantage on dry springs as they only pack about a quarter inch above the seed and if the furrow gets a little deeper only loose dirt falls on top of the packed and the canola easily comes through still have to be a bit careful though. I have also seen no disadvantage to the fertilizer placement either and the new design is probably better as it puts on both sides. Depending on the soil the furrows have always stayed pretty nice even after heavy rains.

However since I built our 8810 their are some pretty decent used drills out there now and as much as I like ours the cultivator is now worn out too so I am not sure yet what I am going to do for the future either...
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