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Jeff; MacDon, Headsight 5th sensor

Jeff and others, have a 40' FD70 with four wands for cutting wheat. I would like to consider a fifth sensor in the middle, as occasionally the header will high-center on a terrace in the middle and try to lower hard. At this point, if I had the factory height sensor tied into the Headsight module, it would prevent this. I am really not interested in adding a Headsight sensor in the middle because it would cost more money and possibly be less effective. I feel it would call for header raise much to often in our terrain. The factory sensor would only call for raise when the cutterbar starts to put weight on the ground.


I would need a cable to go from the unused factory potentiometer to the "Center" headsight plug. I would calibrate this sensor to be on about position 1, when fully lowered during cal. Anytime the header tried to bottom out and the factory height sensor started to move, it would call for header raising.

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