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Originally Posted by francois View Post
Dear All,

I continue my seeting up og AOG with rtk signal and autosteer, and I've 2 points :

1) My set up is
- rtk signal (from Rpi zero w) fixed signal,
- Autosteer with arduino uno + bno055 + mma8451 + WAS + ibt2 -> informations well returned to AOG and AOG control well the autosteer
I have the following problem : the speed in AOG is stuck to zero, and this locks the arduino program. What could be the reason ?
Where does this speed information comes from ? Are there other informations which can stuck it to zero ?

2) In the arduino code, sometime heading value was false or do not exist.
I've added a 500 ms delay before setting up the bno055 because Start up time is 400 ms in the datasheet.
Now it starts well every time

Best regards from France

1. If using GGA do you have VTG enabled as well? VTG has the speed info. RMC contains all the correct info in 1 sentence.
2. Good you got that figured out.
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