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Hi all, greeting from Ireland, its raining here today.

This thread must be the most informative on DIY GPS and autosteer that is out there.

I have read most of the 377 pages in this thread over the last few months, however I have a confession to make, it is that I am somewhat lost. I am an engineer by profession and spent a lot of time ~15yrs ago with Matlab. I understand how to assemble the Autosteer components and I understand the schematics as my current employment involves the need to read such diagrams.

I have downloaded and installed the latests files from Github, I was hoping to review the code and start the teaching myself as to what is going on .............. I understand the equations from the Stanley car that I see on the youtube video.

I also have MS Visual studio installed, as I understand there is two parts to the code, some written in C sharp and some in python with the arduino.

I open the sourcecode folder and I open the agopengps

Should i be buying the book Csharp for dummies and python for dummies in an effot to figure out what is going on with the code ? or are there tutorials along the way that I shoudl watch
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