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Originally Posted by aidank View Post
Hi all, greeting from Ireland, its raining here today.

This thread must be the most informative on DIY GPS and autosteer that is out there.

I have read most of the 377 pages in this thread over the last few months, however I have a confession to make, it is that I am somewhat lost. I am an engineer by profession and spent a lot of time ~15yrs ago with Matlab. I understand how to assemble the Autosteer components and I understand the schematics as my current employment involves the need to read such diagrams.

I have downloaded and installed the latests files from Github, I was hoping to review the code and start the teaching myself as to what is going on .............. I understand the equations from the Stanley car that I see on the youtube video.

I also have MS Visual studio installed, as I understand there is two parts to the code, some written in C sharp and some in python with the arduino.

I open the sourcecode folder and I open the agopengps

Should i be buying the book Csharp for dummies and python for dummies in an effot to figure out what is going on with the code ? or are there tutorials along the way that I shoudl watch

AgOpenGPS is written in C# with the GUI using Windows Forms (winforms) and includes a C# library for openGL. The Arduino code is written in C++/C. AgOpenGPS is quite a large program and has seen many revisions as new features have been added and so original code is always adapted and highly modified. Like 99% of software where the end goal was not known, it has become quite the spaghetti code (quite unavoidable).

Your skills are in good demand, and appreciate you stepping into the project. Welcome to the forum. Combine Forum certainly isn't the best format, but it is where it ended up. We also do some saturday morming Zoom calls worldwide.

As far as books, plenty of torrents, sites, pdf's and really good tutorial videos on both C# and arduino. Was the main reason for choosing them in the first place.

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