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I have changed the title to camera crop row guidance, stereo-vision is just one approach. I have gone through research on crop line recognition and a lot of it is done with purely visual camera's (algorithms based on features in image stills like color or shape). Reliability and accuracy varied. Someone even started an open source example of this:

Recent papers most often use stereo- or binocular vision, the ones below integrate it with machine control using PID, pure pursuit, ... at quite accurate levels:
A Stereovision-based Crop Row Detection Method for Tractor-automated Guidance
Stereovision-Based Guidance Line Detection Method for Auto-guidance system on Furrow Irrigated Fields
Tractor path tracking control based on binocular vision

I am no expert but it seems that stereo-vision is the way to go. Interesting that for example IFM (and probably others?) offer relatively cheap hardware and software in a package ready to integrate in a range of applications, so for many to experiment with. Communication runs through CAN or ethernet I believe.

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