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Originally Posted by Cosmo View Post
Wheat is at 5 leaf and 2 tillers currently, with some later emergence at 2 leaf. Agrologist recons "lots" of wild oats and green foxtail, a bit of volunteer canola and that I should hit it with axial + 2,4 D ester as soon as possible. I'm not back from work for another 2 weeks so pretty sure it will be too advanced by then, are there any options for late applications or would I have to take the hit on a potential reduction in yield / dockage and just get it cleaned up with desiccant / post harvest application? I don't see a net cost benefit of having someone come in to do it with what they're recommending, be looking at $30 / acre so would need at least a 6 bu bump to be worth while
Hey Kramer, just hire a local retailer to put the chemical on if you cant. It will only cost you 7-8 dollars per acre and than at least your field is clean. Its a no brainer, the last thing you want to do is add more wild oats to the fields weed bank, you ll be fighting them forever! I would pick up the phone right now!Hope your wheat crop is ok. Think of the long term benefit OF spraying instead of the short term cost.

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