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I've looked at a few 135's. And I do agree that it would be nice to go to the little larger tractor. About 75% of the time the larger frame wouldnt be a issue. But that other 25% I need the small frame size, and its tight at that size. That's why I'm staying geared more towards the small frame.

I like and dislike the large cab on the kubota. Very comfortable and lots of view, but seems like a stretch to get out and the joystick placement seems weird to me, would prob just take some getting used to.

Haven't went and looked at the case yet but just from pictures it has the electric joystick and cab seems like a better layout, tighter but seems set up better. Could be a different story when I sit in it.

Sure wish I could find a 6430 or 20 without a million hours or worth a million dollars, or them wanting a million dollars for something with a million hours.

What other equivalents are there out there in other brands, staying with the same frame size and 100+hp?
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