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Case 4430 hydraulic oil level sight glass vs alarm

I was doing some maintenance on our 4430 the other day and noticed that the hydraulic tank was right full of oil. So full that when it got hot it would seep a little bit out the various gaskets on top (the top of the tank is always a bit damp it looks like). Also when the oil was hot I would get the bypass light on sometimes. The dealer recommended replacing the filter, which I have now done. Wonder if it had to do with the pressure in the tank, though.

In the manual it says to fill the tank to the level indicated by the thermometer in the sight glass. That way there's adequate room for expansion as it gets hot. However I found out that when I do this, the low oil level alarm comes on and won't turn off until the tank is almost full completely again. Why does Case have a sight glass with a thermometer built into it when the alarm isn't anywhere close to that level? I took the sensor out and it looks okay; the floats seem to move properly and is not adjustable at all. Service manager told me every Patriot sprayer they've ever seen has the tank right full. Just seems odd to me. Are all patriots really like this? Does the sensor needs to be replaced? Any thoughts?

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