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In computer gaming there is a technique called mesh based terrain. The section paths in AOG are made by using triangle strips. You only have to have the first two points then subsequent triangles need only a new point and use the previous two. This way you require roughly 1/3 the points to make a strip made up of triangles. Put a bunch of strips side by side and you have a plane - or a terrain. Now you add the vertical dimension at each point to make it 3d where the points come from a heightfield usually in the form of an image where the pixel value determines the height (elevation) of that point. Wrap a texture over the mesh, and you have a world to run around in.

Easy enough to do in AOG, drive around capturing height and position data, create an xy grid, create a triangle strip mesh, with the heightfield information and voila, you have an accurate as you want elevation map.
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