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Ardusimple RTK Questions

I am very new to the idea of do-it-yourself GPS. I currently have an Ag Leader Intregra with a OnTrac 2+ steering system that I run on WAAS with a GPS 6500. I have been wanting to upgrade to RTK precision and have been reading up on the Ardusimple units. I am blown away by the price that they sell for compared to the big name stuff. It seems to good to be true. Are there any limitations to the Ardusimple setups?

I am a small farmer with fields located close together. My goal is repeatability year to year. I am considering the Long Range kit and have no problems building permanent spots to return the base to year to year if the range is not far enough for one point. I have read up on how to connect to the serial output, but is it pretty much plug and play after that?


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