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Thanks again to skfarmer for taking the time to show me all that, and add the instructions on here.

For a total investment of $100 for a township, and using the free viewing program, I'd say this is a good solution, at least for planning a tool. When I zoom into the pixel level, the 15 meter grid size doesn't miss very many features in our terrain, other than existing narrow ditches, but even they occasionally show up if they are on a diagonal at all.

I found it is very helpful, whenever you zoom into to a specific area, to reset the max and min elevations that will be coloured to the max and min elevations in the area of interest, makes a much more readable map when you have the entire spectrum representing elevations instead of only a couple of shades because there is a massive (and very colorful) hill 2 miles away of no interest at all to me.

Now I need to figure out if there is a volume add on that would calculate the volume of dirt within a given area to a certain depth or slope. Lots of help on Google, will be looking for this next.

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