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Originally Posted by megrizzly View Post
Its actually quite common, esp on the 10" augers, but its happened on the 8" as well. The drive shaft is actually pipe from the gearbox to a few inches from the top where a stub shaft is welded on. The welds never break, its the pipe right below where the stub shaft is will twist off. The pipe is a bit light considering the torque on it in a 10" auger, but Meridian wasn't too keen on taking any advice from customers.

Remove the top cover, chain, sprocket and the plastic red cover will slide off. Its not a terrible fix, but you've got 3 options.
1.You can either install a heavier wall pipe and lathe down the stub shaft to fit.
2. Use a collar with a shear bolt/pin.
3. Weld on a collar.

Considering the model number you provided and its age, it went quite a while until it broke. Your probably fine with a collar. The one auger I have with shear bolts seems to always break them at the most inconvenient times no matter the quality, so I'd stay away from shear bolts.
Never seen an auger with a shear bolt except on a swing away
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