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Well I think we have it. Dealer came out and did some checks. Technical support advised to check net brake tension by doing a pull test. We did that. Found it all over the map. Sometimes 95# of pull and sometimes 60# of pull when brake would give. Or so we thought......
Made dozen bales good before a problem. Got doing more checks. Found that in course of my rushing I had mashed down half of the teeth plates that hold the mesh roll on the spindle. Found out that the inconsistent pull of netbtension the brake wasn’t quite coming off tostart roll spinning and sometimes the roll would slip on the tooth plates itself. Once adjusting the roll plates so they would grab and readjusting brake on drum I made another 150 bales with the Deere wrap with out a single miswrap of any degree. Finished off the field with another 50 bales through with Cordex mesh wrap and had 50 more perfect bales.
Also learned to slide the mesh roll in the chamber so it’s not necessarily in the centre. We moved the roll 2 spaces to the left of centre on the Deere mesh and had to move it back one space on the Cordex wrap. Just the way it’s wound on the roll I guess

We much happier now. Just have to wait for second cut to make sure we still good. How frustrating this was
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