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I wanna know with all the new harvest command automation whether you can get any more tonne/hr out of them compared to an 8240. The price difference here in Aus is quite large. Probably going to recoup some costs at trade because of the newer model, but I’d like to see some more performance. I understand how the harvest command works, we aren’t overly stressed about cracked grain or sample as it mainly gets sent to feed.
Generally we consider the limiting factor of these headers to be the rotor, if you push them too hard they get rotor loss, regardless of blocks or modules.

I’ve seen the Welker farms video and I thought it was helpful but he’s raving about a the header whilst stripping about 25t/hr, no offence to him the crop was what it was, and the crop makes the tonnes/hr. We’d at least like to see 40t/hr here in Aus with minimal loss, I’d prefer 50.
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