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Looks like the Fed buying back more debt this morning, ZH says $80B today. Because they can. Create money out of thin air to keep the central planned economy via the banking cartel still going. Now NF of course will go cheer on the Fed and say thanks for saving the world but a person with independent thought would look at the cause/effect and realize the central banking cartel is the cause of the problem in the first place. Much like China trade war is not the cause of any economic damage, it is the massive debt bubble built around the world for decades but most significantly since 2008 as the central banks stepped in then to "save the world" and idiots cheered. When you keep saying you are saving the world perhaps its time for everyone to say they should stop destroying the world in the first place.

What's interesting is that there are thousands of people claiming to be experts setting monetary policy and every time money created from nothing is used to paper over the fundamental corrupt nature of the system these same people say they did not account for some extraneous event. With sound money you don't need monetary policy. People can manage their lives without centeal planners intentionally stealing their wealth.

But that's too much tin foil talk for today. All we have known for 100 years is central planning of the most important part of our lives and the last thing many would want is to be set free and make their own way. Much like a slave prefers the safety and basic needs provided by their master. The master knows best, do not ask for freedom - it is nothing but doom and destruction.

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