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But that good will is being directed to Trump so that's good. Unless you are demanding your wars. No action against NK and for a few months no action against Iran now. Not much in the news about ISIS and talks of pulling out of Afghanistan if there would be cooperation with DJT's plans. Kind of hard to live in fear and terror so as to demand more government removal of your rights to protect citizens from these foreign threats when people in charge are saying there aren't any real threats that can't be handled without military action. Pretty soon the military will be back home protecting the country's border rather than waging war on the other side of the world claiming its protecting citizens yet the borders are wide open to many factors that are in fact destroying peoples lives. Kind of a head scratcher about modern times, the military was always about protecting a country yet it is impossible to use the military to guard its own borders to accomplish that goal.

It is curious that some drugged up rebels could build drones capable of evading air defenses of a country with one of the highest military budgets. Maybe something to think about. Maybe they were a little more hi tech and operated by parties other than Huithi rebels.

Also of note is oil hasn't moved in price that much, same pricing as July even though it was the most significant thing to occur in the oil world in a generation. Or so we are told.
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