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post #5191 of 9870 (permalink) Old 02-19-2018, 08:11 PM
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Originally Posted by mustard View Post
He wouldn't put his tax returns out for scrutiny
Hiding the money trails
If Mueller gets too close, Trump will Resign
Probably say he wants to spend more time with the family. Lol
The guy won't resign. Something could happen to him, but he won't willingly leave office. As much as I can't stand how things are in DC there are a few things that seem very interesting to me.

1) He is a fool and makes even the worst of us seem morally responsible, but.... the republican party refuses to condemn him with impeachment etc. Is the swamp draining actually happening? Senators will do anything to look good or be seen to be ahead of the curve. I can't tell if the republican party is completely corrupt and don't think he is going to get anywhere (weathering the storm) or if most of them are good senators with nothing to hide and stomaching his idiocy because they believe something big is gonna go down in a good way.

2) The harder you push somebody the harder they push back. It's getting vicious out there. I would love to see a donnybrook breakout on capital hill old school style.

3) This is playing out like a star wars movie. I'm waiting to see who is the evil sith lord and who is the jedi. I know I'm kind of a nerd, but things are hilariously similar to a hollywood movie

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Holy Duterte! What are you saying? Don't assume the Philippines fate?

I think he may have picked up on my concern, that if America keeps harassing China's porch dog North Korea, about getting its teeth pulled, China just might move their fence down to South Korea!
The Chinese Province of Philippines? Huh.

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post #5193 of 9870 (permalink) Old 02-19-2018, 11:23 PM
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I guess a reminder is needed. Remember those things like how the IRS influenced the election? Or did CNN forget to cover all the election interference by US entities? And you really think Mueller is clean and going after Trump?

Is Judicial Watch a legitimate entity? Are they more or less credible than the MSM. What i mean is, does unnamed sources, anonymous insiders, people familiar with the matter, etc offer more credible info on subject matter than an actual lawsuit.

Can Mueller be considered an independent investigator while there are lawsuits against him? Probably not, unless he cut a deal a long time ago to make up for his past corruption and now serves the country as he swore to.
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Originally Posted by bussard View Post
don't think trump was asked very fair questions compared to the others, and cant believe how rude the questions were.. fox trying to get ratings again..
I Agree

Olivia Lisa
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OMG...your chances of impeachment are gone so now you want him to resign over doing nothing wrong...listen to yourselves....and feel free to stop when you realise youre and idiot.

There is nothing illegal about using finance from a bank...regardless of location....ive used hong kong can i not run for office in australia in future because i am a hong kong spy....

News for you..and i know you know this but you clearly need reminding.

We live in a global world...the free trade era...where foreign investment is chased...if duetsche or any bank offered the best finance deal why wouldnt he take it? Hes running a bloody business...what do you guys do take the dearest finace you can find?

The DNC wont even press him over this as they backed hillary and she has a long trail of foreign money coming in from every which angle....she took 140m of russians...for nothing in you think they will go trump if he used a legitimate finance package and actually paid for a service...i can see why you like the dreamers program.

Maybe you should study some facts about how much the arrest rate has increased for pedofiles immediatley when trump got to office...a pet hate of his and also people who will spill the beans when pressed...and that all leads to the deep state.

Trump might not be doing you candaians any favours...and he wasnt employed to do so...but there are plenty of folks where it counts that are starting to see things turn...still a long way to go...not surprising since george senior the usa has been beaten to near death...

The money the media machine is wasting on there narrative is mind blowing...and obama and hillary have made sure of that....

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post #5196 of 9870 (permalink) Old 02-20-2018, 10:55 AM
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Obama signing laws to allow propaganda goes a long way to ensure people beleive what they do. Canadians pick up on it also. Such actions likely influence the election. Waiting for Mueller to include the MSM in his pursuits.

An example if you want to start learning. If you beleive the media is independent then you would ignore this.
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post #5197 of 9870 (permalink) Old 02-21-2018, 09:27 AM
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Article here using the way-back machine on how you really interfere in the goverance of another country.

The interview with CIA director Copeland from 1949 is interesting in that he says the US USED to interfere in other countries but doesnt anymore. Also note worthy comments is the policy to not interfere in other countries - unless it is deemed necessary. Also the talk of initiating government change in Syria back in 1949. I remember that our "modern" history of the 1970's says Syria has been the aggressor by initiating covert operations against Israel and other countries. It all depends when you start looking at the timeline. And not to be missed is how, in 1949 he talks of the CIA acting independent of the government by saying the State Department is not informed of the CIA actions. An interesting 4 minute interview.

Oh well, that was 70 years ago. The real enemy is a 90 Russians posting on Twitter and Facebook. Killing a few million people in Iraq, Syria, Libya etc is the benevolent way to influence things. Russia is pure evil.
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post #5198 of 9870 (permalink) Old 02-21-2018, 01:13 PM
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"The NTSB report said data taken from a track image camera on the train showed that as the highway-railroad grade crossing came into view, the gates were down and the trash truck was on the crossing."
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post #5199 of 9870 (permalink) Old 02-23-2018, 03:02 AM
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Trudeau having a ruff time in India?

Even CNN didn't even sugar coat thier Canadian hero....

God Bless America
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post #5200 of 9870 (permalink) Old 02-25-2018, 04:58 PM
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Trudeau actually got some bad press here in on the TV news. They even talked about his apparel in a bad way. JT will have to pull out the R2D2 or Chewbacca socks again to regain their favor.

Forgot about this going on, legal case against DNC rigging the nomination. Odd this doesn't get attention with all the talk of election influence peddling.

The democrat memo is now out. Have to see how much traction that gets. Will certainly elevate the demands for FBI and DoJ to comply with requests for documentation.

Also it has been said that the Investigator General report may not come out till April. So a bit of a wait there to see what gets revealed.

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