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Originally Posted by kenmb View Post
It should be noted RRH that Muellers investigation is likely to have crossed into all those areas. His investigation was also to not simply "get Trump" but to uncover any evidence of other crimes and forward that to other entities such as the DOJ and OIG for further investigation...
Yes, Ken that is how it is supposed to work in a "real" investigation - all facts looked at. However, the way the Mueller team was stacked with all Democrats (such as Strzok as a prime example) should tell you that the investigation was not to look at themselves and in fact look only at Trump's Russian Collusion. It has already come out that there are no further indictments. This indicates that they never even looked at the phony dossier, HRC and her campaign's involvement with Russia/Steele in order to obtain the framework for "this" investigation. Surely if they can take down Flynn, Manafort and the others, they must be able to take down the rest for lying? The system is rigged. How can you examine yourself and your own department and find any guilty parties? Simply you can't! Mueller is able to hide himself as well as he is the examiner in chief!

Originally Posted by kevlar View Post
Funny thing, watched The National last night (ya, I know right?) and sounds like to them no matter what the report says, he is still guilty as sin. The media needs to be shut down. For Christ sake, just report the news with the facts, don't keep speculating all the "what if''s".
Kevlar, the MSM has been pumping false information to the peasants even before the 2016 election occurred. Even suggesting that HRC had the election in the bag is propaganda. The pre-Brexit vote was the same. There was no way that they could win.

The MSM has been infiltrated and I remind you that Operation Mockingbird still operates and has actually expanded its operation to include its own people. After 911, the Patriot Act and the DHS act pretty much gave the government expanded controls to gather information from even its own citizens without them knowing it. The day after the DHS act was passed, the anthrax scare was ended and the lone perpetrator Bruce Ivins wore it just like Lee Harvey Oswald did. He acted alone but committed suicide - just couldn't take the pressure! LHO was removed by assassin!

The people who are anchoring the major networks are very educated lawyers and sing the tune that they are told to sing. They are being fed by someone! They are not investigating, they are spreading propaganda and make it look like they are reporting facts in the process. Propaganda is white lies.

They introduce theories as facts, only sometimes do they retract them at a later date. Introduced on the front page, retracted at a later date on the back page! You will never see a retraction of false reporting on a front page! However, the seeds of deception have already been sown by their mere mention. It would be like me accusing you of raping someone, not based on any facts. I could say that "my sources told me...". That mere idea of suggesting this already makes you guilty and I quote an anyonomous source which I never expose! If they say it, it must have truth and be believed even though it is a white lie made up. It is very sinister what they are doing to the peasants and those watching TeeVee.

You know they are very successful when you see Trump's polling numbers. If they would leave Trump do his job as President and not create the negative field and atmosphere around him, his popularity numbers would likely be at 75% or more.

What did he actually do wrong with his governing? Economy good, no war in NK and decreasing trade deficits with all nations. His policy for the American peasants is working, jobs created and more people than ever employed! MAGA is very successful. So why is he being hammered down at every turn and he only polls at less than 50%?

The MSM bias cannot be all written off as accidental reporting of "non-facts" as facts. Propaganda for a reason! The narrative is definitely introduced and controlled! It is more than just networks reaping major profits with increased ratings. It is even worse in Canada where the government funds out in the open its news organization funded directly by the taxpayer! How is this possible?
Originally Posted by kenmb View Post
I watched some of the CTV/CBC 24 hr news networks also. A bunch of stammering and completely new analysis from what they were saying for 2 years. Like "no indictments is because Trump can't be indicted by Mueller while president". Of course, in this whole "Russian collusion" vast conspiracy one would expect Mueller to indict many, many other people. But nope.

If Mueller is dirty, Rosenstein is dirty....

Keep that one in mind. So far things still swinging in my favor.

Meanwhile, let's look how things are imploding. Consider that "sexual harassment" is simply a cover story as things are dismantled.

Remember the proud boys gaining the label as hate group. How did that happen. How did it become accepted as fact. Lugenpresse.

I wonder if it is coincidence the military is being deployed in UK and France right now. The timing is coincidental how events just happen to align.
I believe that everything is tied together. I don't think it is coincidence that Switzerland is a safe haven for laundered money. The creation of the Federal Reserve, soon followed by a League of Nations, followed by UN, Nato and so on are all indicators that there are sinister things going on. Do you know how many obelisks are in Switzerland and how many times you can see "the seeing eye" and triangular pyramid displayed throughout their architecture? Banking systems seem to like to use Octagons (2 squares) while the pentagon is a political arm of the same system.

In the US, why else do you want to be totally against border security and invite immigrants in without vetting? The proof is in the pudding, a world system of control is coming, elites on top, peasants on the bottom! There is a hidden agenda, money is not based on gold but paper. There is no end to government spending! The MSM doesn't even hint at balancing books and neither do the politicians. When you think about it, how many farmers have their land mortgaged to a financial company? Who really owns it?

It is not What you know, it is WHO you know that counts! Currency is a UNIT of debt - not value!
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Originally Posted by stevie View Post

And I thought pstd from sex only happened in prison
This is ridiculous!
So the take home message is that "If you have sex with your teacher you will be rewarded with lots of money".

Opportunity doesn't knock! It presents it'self when you beat down the door!

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I had a few teachers I would have had sex with, for free!
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It's easy enough to be pleasant, when life goes by like a song. But the man worth while, is the man with a smile, when everything goes dead wrong!
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Been two years now guys, China has found new ways to feed pigs, cattle and people, new buyers have stepped up and filled many positions.. like Canada is dealing with a dead prime minister, no different with trump..

Between trump/ trudeau these two idiots have killed farming for decades to come in both country’s while Ru and Europe Auzzy have filled our shoes, we lost India pulses years ago as well, both country’s, why has not trump/trudeau retaliated back.. but yet scandal after scandal and there country’s are struggling

Look at the Chinese lady we held for the USA last month has caused grief for us cdn farmers, where was our leader, jack ass like yours is in so much conflict, he does Not recognize what we are Going threw

Just think where we were before these idiots got in, and if they were not put into power where our cash flow would be today, had my best years three years ago, now the worst.. just sad what we are going threw and they don’t care

For the first time in my life I’m sad to say, would not Want family taking farm over.. so much geopolitical crap we deal with, and for why.. so many better and easier ways to make a living
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Originally Posted by bussard View Post
For the first time in my life Iím sad to say, would not Want family taking farm over.. so much geopolitical crap we deal with, and for why.. so many better and easier ways to make a living

That fact is baked into the cards for a lot of us already.

This is a pretty big blow. We fought through some pretty extreme weather and conditions in the past 7 yrs or so only to emerge from that and be run over by a trade war.
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Finally the show can begin. The cartoons are over
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Yes, Switzerland. Quite the story there. Also location of BIS.

I don't think people understand the significance of Trump calling out the Fed and in turn the Fed halting interest rates hikes which ripples through Bank of Canada policy and of course the impact on the ECB and their never ending story of all is well as they keep interest rates effectively negative. Yes, Buzzard doesn't understand the importance of this and many, many more people don't - have Netflix to watch instead. Infact these people will just as well demand Trump be executed for interfering in the "independence" of central bank policy. For the record, all central banks clearly indicated their plans for rate hikes till Trump stepped in. My FCC credit line is 6.5% right now. Definitely would be over 7% without Trump and likely on its way to 8.5% in 12 months. But it's a good thing people don't pay attention to these things because they may start to question what the **** the banksters were going to do.
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Their would have to be a complete RESET of the Financial Dominion that has placed its NASTY CENTRAL CONTROLLED WEB on all of US to actually see where everyone and I mean EVERYONE stands in the VALUE OF THEIR PRODUCT or SERVICE. The PRICING SIGNALS have been so DISTORTED that everyone is in a MEXICAN STANDOFF!'s old NASTY UNTOUCHABLES, that don't want to COMPETE IN A CIVILIZED manner just create the ILLUSION of it, with MULTITUDES of Political and Covert machinations that destroy HEALTHY COMPETITION.

JUST wonder how much fellow Comrade NO FARMER is getting paid for carrying the WATER for THEM...
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You talk like free markets exist BBL. Like how you can buy a piece of paper to say you own 5000bu of corn yet that corn does not actually have to exist anywhere on the planet at the time you bought it nor do you have to provide or receive any actual corn if you want to settle your piece of paper. Free markets is now known to mean free from from any ties to reality. Buying gold represented by paper to the tune of 100:1 paper to real is considered perfectly fine. If we started taking lead bars, painting them gold to the tune of 100:1units of lead to gold and sold the lead bars as gold representatives would we all say "um ok, that's all legitimate because we do it with paper contracts already so this lead must represent actual gold". Actually lead would have restrictions on supply, transportation, handling and storage so is not a fair comparison to paper but close enough.

As you guys are following the latest pronouncements by our economic geniuses at the Fed you would agree this sums up policy as of this week. Nothing to see here, all is well.
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Not at all. It's just that for many decades we have so much Boom-Bust Manipulation by the Fed, as well as Govt. Expenditure on behalf of Special Interest groups (creating Artificial Demand), and Toxic Debt that is still there Nobody has a Taste of What a Real Working Free Market System would look like. We all have our Own Economic Interests. That is True, it is just that their has been Artificial Demand Put on so many things, Nobody knows the Real Market Value of Anything. We live as Economic Captives to Their Monied World which They control, or do a Fine job of Attempting to.

Meaning the Debt Financing and Subsidies have created a Endless Cycle of Chasing DeValued Money (Paper) and keeping interest rates Artificially Low to keep the Lie Going. This Zombie Structure, instead of basing (Growth & Expansion) on REAL AND SUSTAINABLE Economic Prosperity with Existing Capital, has brought US to our knees as We are Beholden to the Power Elite's Game. The Pricing Signals are Distorted. When that Happens hold on and hope you aren't leveraged out when they Call In their debt.

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