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Donald Trump - does this guy have a shot??

Tell me fellow Americans - will anyone actually vote for this guy? We are all laughing hard at my work place (In AUS) but were wondering does he have a real chance ?!! Does he make any sense...somehow he doesn't seem to be someone with the steady hands required...??


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He will likely get my vote, will he gain traction? Doubtful, cause Obama has all the loosers in this country way to pampered to vote for someone to take it away from them and put the money where it belongs, IN A BANK ACCOUNT! Mark my word WE WILL LOOSE EVERYTHING WE HAVE if we dont get someone with a pair in that office!

He seems to have a solid stance of how this country was run by our forefathers so far, will keep in tune with him and everyone else but so far hes got my thumbs up, didnt figure I would be saying that

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It's quite a paradox! At least it makes the election fun to watch for a change instead of the normal train wreck. Did you hear the Rosie O'Donnell remark last night?! Most interesting election already in my lifetime, comparable to Ross Perot in many ways. Ross came across as thin skinned a couple times. He was gaining traction, then when he pulled out, when he then went back in the momentum was gone. I don't think Trump will exhibit that thin skinned trait. If you want a microcosm of how divided our country is, just compare Trump and Sanders, and think for a minute that people are behind both of these guys. I think his statement last night about not pledging support to whoever the republican candidate is was the correct way to go. If he had pledged support, it would have been like agreeing that he isn't going to win and not knowing who will win the eventual guy shouldn't automatically have his support. Fun fun fun!!!

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No doubt the Don is in this for the greater good of Trump Inc, however I do love ( No...not his hair ) his statement... "I don`t have time for political correctness and neither does this country"... after calling someone a fat pig.

Two thumbs up for that!!!

Opportunity doesn't knock! It presents it'self when you beat down the door!

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don't think trump was asked very fair questions compared to the others, and cant believe how rude the questions were.. fox trying to get ratings again..

the US maybe needs a dictator like trump to get them in the right direction again, but don't think even trump will make it by Hillary.. shes a forsure thing
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This should probably be in the Off Topic board...

The reason why Trump has so much traction is because the media won't shut up about him. As long as he is being loud and offensive (to some), he is taking away attention from the candidates that the media support, or have a good chance of beating their candidate. They are trying to set us up for another Bush-Clinton ticket; notice how quiet those two have been recently? Yeah, they're just kicking back and enjoying the sideshow.

I'm hearing a lot of comments to the effect of, "I like Trump because he is saying what I want to hear." Exactly. Trump is a salesman, and he's playing everyone like a fiddle. Everyone seems to have forgotten how many times he's changed his political affiliation over the years, the support he's given to the Clintons, his comments about the economy always being better with a Democrat president, or his use of imminent domain to steal land for his hotels and casinos. He knows how to game the system to get what he wants. Don't think that he hasn't bought his influence and power; everything has a price to him, and everything can be sold.

I sure hope he doesn't have a chance, but the way this country is going... We have the best field of presidential candidates in my lifetime, and right now the best are being overshadowed by an egotistical blowhard whose entire campaign so far can be boiled down to "I'm rich, go f**k yourself." We still have an interminably long time before the election, though. A lot can happen between now and then.
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Originally Posted by okpanhandle View Post
This should probably be in the Off Topic board...
egotistical blowhard
"I'm rich, go f**k yourself."
Agree and done.
Exactly what I called Trump.
Bumper sticker by tomorrow!
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Originally Posted by tbone95 View Post
I don't think Trump will exhibit that thin skinned trait.
Safest bet of the century!
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I like the fact that he does not care what others think about what he says this political correct hog crap has driven this country into the ground. I am not sure I am big on his policies though and I am not so sure he is not playing us right now. I think he has the business sense to make some correct choices for the direction of this country financially. If he actually believes what he says and will do maybe. Like okpanhandle says we have the best field of candidates I have seen. He certainly would not be my first choice but he has gotten some things stirred up and people talking about things that need to be talked about. Maybe he can get the attention on the real issues that need dealing with not just bull crap like hope and change and wake a few people up. If not there will be to many people waiting for their handout of our money from more politicians like barry and it will be tough to get any positive change done.
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I don't think Trump actually wants to be President. He wants to prove that he could be elected President. In that respect, he has already made his point.

I think it's unlikely that Trump will be around long enough to seriously contend for the Republican nomination. He's wealthy (though probably not as rich as he would like us to think he is), but is depending on free media coverage to keep him in the spotlight. People are already showing signs of weariness with his act. If you all think back four years, the Republican front runners were Michelle Bachmann and the Pizza Dude. What have they done for us lately?

Trump is making the campaign interesting. If he does run as an independent he will probably give the White House to the Democrats for the 3rd consecutive election (neither party has held the presidency for more than 8 consecutive years since FDR). Even without Trump, the Republicans have a problem getting a presidential candidate elected. In 2012 they couldn't unseat a hugely unpopular incumbent. This time, the party's nominee will likely face a less than universally admired candidate who has been running for President for 14 years. If the Republicans couldn't win in 2012 and don't win in 2016, the party's viability as a major party in the future could be legitimately questioned. They can win all the state legislatures and congressional seats on the ballot but, in our political system, if they don't put someone in The Big Chair, they will be seen as losers.


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