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Re: Considering N6 Yes or stay away???

We ran a 1480 for many years, trading for an R60 which we ran for several years. The 1480 didn't have the capacity the R60 had, but it was close. I think the 1480 would be close to a N6 however no where near a N7. We harvested wheat with our 1480 along side a R50 for a few years, the 1480 had more capacity, 21ft swathed wheat.
As for Maintenance, our 1480 was Very reliable, most seasons it never left the field for unscheduled maintenance. The R60 was not as reliable, but a good machine. We did like the air cooled engine, and we also liked not having to change concaves every time we switched crops.
Personally, I'd go with the 1480, but I'm somewhat biased.
N6 or 1480,,, I'd say go with who's got the best dealer support.
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