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Re: Considering N6 Yes or stay away???

Thanks guys for the info and your experiences. Yep, service/shop manuals a must. I have them for 'bout all of my equipment.

My 'stuff' is all old but works and is paid for. I envy all of the newer equipment around me but unfortunately a lot of that new equipment ends up in repo or bankruptcy sales.

A few times i've used my old equipment to help out neighbours when their newer stuff goes 'kaput' and leaves them in a lurch. Newer is nice but dependable and paid for is a bunch better in my opinion.
This area is not a huge farm area so dealers are few and support is less. Very little older used equipment. Sales people are only interested in new-er sales. The only bigger piece I bought awhilst back was a JD 1590 no till that I justified by renting it out to neighbours for $10 an acre. I had gotten a little tired of useing my 50 year old Melroe that was given to me from a bone pile years ago. The Melroe was one of the items that no one would bid on when all of the newer owed for Green JD equipment auctioned off.
Still waiting on that new to me combine 'buy'.
If I get that shinny new N6 i'll be sitn' up in that shinny cab just as happy and a grinn' like a dead pig in the sunshine

Dwight E. Lambert, Albany, Oregon

Lottery ticket still didn't come through this week so it's still 'old stuff' for my future.
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