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Re: Considering N6 Yes or stay away???

Well fellas still no word from the lein holder of the 1985 N6, so thats still a hangiin'. Found 2 more N6's. Very early model years. Both combines the owners whose had since fairly new say they run good. Cabs, bodies, bins headers all straight good condition. Both he says used a year ago and thrash well. However he says that both have started "twisting" the straw and the local baler doesn't want to bale behind 'em. One has a 'small?' hole on the rotor he says that hasn't seemed to ever bother the trashing tho. Says both greased dailey and shedded since new. I suppose the twisting possibly bunched straw would be caused by worn rub bars or being severly out of adjustment? Says they both show about 2,000 hrs on the tachs but he's ure they have more hours than that.
One he says last year started 'slipping' or 'lurching' at higher down the road speeds but works fine in the field.
Neither has had overheat problems, oil consumption same as new. Says they start easily and runout smooth with no major oil leaks. Says the A/C and instruments work fine on both.
One header he says a neighbour broke down and 'borrowed' a rod?? from one of the 24ft headers. never brought it back so I suppose thats gone as a donation.
Now knowing nothing about N6's what is the problems and verdicts?
Are these easy fixes or have they just become farm decoration to look at?
Costs to fix experience would be a big help to me on even going to look at these 2 combines.
Seems I heard that the problems described above were common to the early models and not so mutch on the later N6.
One got new intercooler a couple years ago and one got rebuilt injection pump couple years ago. Engines never opened up and supposedly runing well with good oil pressures, low oil consumption.
Man alive thats a lot of questions!!!

Thanks to all and hopefully will get some good recommendations on those problems. I need to decide whether to go look -make offer or not.

Dwight E. Lambert, ICS 4473, Albany, Oregon

275 miles away so lookasee and the transport aint real conveinient or cheap.

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